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Why It Matters

Taking a stance with capital is not just about negative screening. Instead, the idea is to invest in companies that both exhibit strong underlying fundamentals and at the same time, compared to industry group peers, are doing a better job at mitigating material performance risks. So why does this matter? Because it’s an opportunity to invest in better run companies.

3X the SP500

Clean Energy

20% higher than average of SP500

Women in Leadership

20-50% lower carbon profile

Low Carbon Fooprint

This is revenue tested

No Weapons


No Tobacco


No Thermal Coal

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Stance Equity ESG Large Cap Core

Stance Equity ESG Large Cap Core is a quantitative, actively managed, U.S. large cap strategy. Initially we identify companies that successfully manage sustainability‐related key performance indicators (KPIs) such as energy productivity, carbon intensity, water dependence, and waste profile. Additional KPIs relating to governance include capacity to innovate, unfunded pension fund liabilities, CEO/average worker pay, safety performance, employee turnover, leadership diversity, percentage tax paid, and % bonus linked to sustainability performance.

Excluded from consideration are companies engaged in weapons, tobacco, or thermal coal, as well as companies where women are not meaningfully employed in senior management and board positions.

The second process within Stance Equity tests fundamental financial and risk factors for statistical significance as generators of alpha. The factors compete for inclusion on an annual basis and are adjusted based on accumulated learning. The resulting portfolio represents the intersection of the first two processes. The final process optimizes the portfolio to maximize diversification and reduce correlation.

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Trailing Period Stance Equity (Net) S&P 500 Value Index S&P 500 Index
Inception Return (Annualized) 11.80% 8.64% 10.89%
Standard Deviation 10.77% 11.99% 11.55%
Beta 0.79 1.00 1.00
Alpha 3.07% -1.95% 0.00%

Performance as of 9/30/19


ESG Data Sources

Sourced through Corporate Knights Research

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Who We Are

Stance Capital is a Massachusetts-based Registered Investment Advisor, and our clients are individuals, families, endowments, and institutions. We also build products for other investment firms under research and sub-advisory agreements.

Meet Our Team


Bill Davis

Prior to forming Stance Capital, LLC, Mr. Davis was co-founder and Managing Director of Empirical Asset Management, and Portfolio Manager on EAM Sustainable Equity, a strategy he launched in 2014.


Toby Heaps

Mr. Heaps is the CEO and co-founder of Corporate Knights Inc. and publisher of Corporate Knights Magazine. He spearheaded the first global ranking of the world’s 100 most sustainable corporations in 2005, and in 2007 coined the term “clean capitalism.”


Kyle Balkissoon

Mr. Balkissoon is an expert and practitioner in quantitative analysis, data science and portfolio management. He has experience spanning banking, energy and capital markets sectors.

Sophie von Hunnius

Sophie is responsible for developing and executing strategic marketing plans for Stance Capital. Motivated by the pursuit of global climate justice, she has experience in research, marketing & communications with a sustainability lens. Sophie holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Barbara.


Shivam Patel

Shivam is the Editorial Intern at Stance. A current high school junior with a passion for mathematical finance and socially responsible investing, Shivam has already proven himself as a. thought leader as a contributor at Wall Street Survivor and his financial research at Stanford University under Professor Fuhito Kojima.


Susan Morse

Susan is responsible for trading the quarterly portfolio rebalancing. She has eight years experience in fixed income, trading corporates at State Street Global Advisors in Boston. Susan has traded all sectors and maturities across multiple products and various strategies. She received a BA in Economics and Business from Lafayette College.


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