Why it Matters

Stance Equity is a rules-based approach to investing in U.S. companies in a large-cap Index that demonstrate management focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors, as well as performing well on fundamental financial factors associated with alpha generation.

Stance Capital Sustainable Energy Icon.png

Sustainable Energy

We believe sustainable energy is the future

Stance Capital Woman Icon.png

Women in Leadership Roles

The future is female

Stance Capital Human Rights Icon.png

Human Rights

United we stand divided we fall

Stance Capital No Weapons Icon.png

No Weapons

Make art not war

Stance Capital No Tobacco Icon.png

No Tobacco

Long live your health

Stance Capital No Thermal Coal Icon.png

No Thermal Coal

Clean our planet


Stance Equity

Structured as a SMA, and with typically 40-60 individual positions, Stance Equity avoids thermal coal, tobacco, weapons, and companies where women are not involved in senior management or board positions. The portfolio is rebalanced quarterly.